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Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Pernik, Lozen (selo), Bistritsa, German, Dolni Bogrov

Xtreme Cleaning

We are a young ambitious team with 10 years of professional cleaning experience. We offer high quality and short delivery times for companies as well as for private customers.

Services from Xtreme Cleaning

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery and carpets cleaning is done with an extractor machine Rio. The surfaces remain slightly damp and dry for about 4 hours. There is no danger to the flooring underneath the carpets.
After Renovation Cleaning
We use Nevada water-jet two-wheeled machine, extractor machine for carpet and upholstery Rio, single-disc cleaner for solid flooring and carpet cleaning Numatic. The cleaning includes: 
  1. Manual cleaning of windows and window frames with professional detergents and tools;
  2.  Hand cleaning of dust from furniture, lighting fixtures, electrical sockets and switches;
  3. Manual cleaning of kitchen countertops, tiles and electrical appliances;
  4. Mechanical washing of upholstered furniture with the Rio machine; 
  5. Cleaning of sanitary premises (bathroom and toilet); 
  6. Carpet cleaning with the Numatic machine; 
  7. Machine washing and cleaning of joints and hard flooring with Numatic and Nevada machines; 

The site will be delivered in excellent condition.
End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning
We use Numatic single discs, Nevada two-stroke water extractors, Rio extractor, and a huge arsenal of hand tools. The detergents we use are from the American company Ecolab, some of the best in the market.
First, clean windows and window frames with hand tools. Then clean the sanitary premises, wipe the dust out of all furniture, switches, sockets, chutes. Finally, we finish cleaning the floors with the single-disk machine and the water-suction unit, respectively, with Numatik and Nevada. And not all of the doors and windows are cleaned in the middle.
Window Cleaning
Look at the world with new eyes.
Windows are your eyes to the world. Just as good vision gives you the joy to fully appreciate reality, and clean windows at home give you a sense of coziness and clarity. In your work you put mastery and diligence, we - too. Quality washing of windows requires precision, patience and experience. Add the professional tools and detergents from us and get our working formula - always fast and always - impeccably clean. The products we use are from the American company Ecolab, non-aggressive to people and animals, guaranteed quality.
Car Upholstery Cleaning
Unlike carwashes, we visit you on the spot. We clean and wash the interior of your car at an address you specify. To clean your car's cabin, we need access to the power outlet (outlet) to plug the extractor and 15-20 liters of water. The quality of the upholstery is guaranteed thanks to the high quality detergents (Spot, Buzil, Apolon, etc.) and their skillful use by our professionals. The service we offer lasts for about an hour, during which time you can have your morning coffee. The upholstery remains slightly damp and takes 4 to 8 hours to dry completely, depending on climatic conditions.

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