About us

Domestina is a platform for booking cleaning services with a mission to make the industry better for both customers and service providers.

For cleaning companies

We believe, that currently, small and medium cleaning companies are operating inefficiently in a stressful environment and with small returns. We are developing better ways to run a cleaning company by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work, we've come to understand that:

Observing these principles we've developed own custom management software along with a set of rules and procedures which allows small cleaning companies to become professional, happy and profitable.

For clients of cleaning services

We recognize that the cleaning business requires a huge amount of trust and purely technical solutions are simply not enough. However the cleaning industry must evolve as clients will simply not tolerate slow and outdated processes in any industry. Following these guidelines, we created Domestina to deliver the best of both worlds. We bring the easy online booking process which is expected of every business in the 21st century, yet we enable the personal touch which only small business owners can provide.