Window Cleaning

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What is included in the service?

The service can include cleaning of:

  • Windows(double sided);
  • Window frames;
  • Blinds;

The service providers at Domestina work with professional detergents and machines and are much more effective in their work than the average person. Good preparation, equipment and proper technique are a prerequisite for excellent work without compromise and without risk.

Dirty windows can be like a thorn in the eyes. Especially when the sun shines directly at them and highlights even the smallest stains. Of course, everyone can clean their windows themselves, but it takes a lot time and rarely the results are satisfactory - remaining traces of the detergent, strikes from the equipment, top angles of the window remain untouched and so on. With large non-opening windows, external cleaning can also hide significant risks.
For a professional performance and perfect results, select one of the platform's providers, then, after the job is done, you can rate the quality of the service.

What is the price?

Every company on the platform can work at a different price depending on what detergents, tools and machines it uses, what rating does it have and what how big their team is. After selecting the windows and blinds you want cleaned, Domestina will show you the prices and descriptions of all providers who can do the job your area.

Can it be booked big business building?

Our business services are not yet available online. Please email us at with your requirements and we will do our best to find you a solution.

How to book?

Through the Domestina platform you can easily select and book the best provider for you by comparing by price and rating:

  • Click on the "See Prices" button at the bottom of the page;
  • Select the windows you want cleaned;
  • Compare prices from different service providers and select the best for you;
  • Confirm the booking online with a few clicks;


After the job is done, you will be able to comment and evaluate the provider's professionalism. Your rating will affect the overall rating of your company, and your comment will be visible to all future users.

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Domestina makes sure that clients on the platform get the best prices.


You can easily compare service providers by price, rating and number of succesfful bookings through the platform.

Online Booking

You can see a real time schedule with all available options and book directly online. No more annoying phone calls and changes in the last second.