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RATING: 10/10 | 27/11/2022
Почистване с отлично качество. Дисциплинирана и точна. Учтива и приветлива, но не губи време в разговори. Делова и коректна. Със сигурност ще се възползваме от услугите й отново. Благодарим за отличната работа!
Margarita O.   about   Veronika I.
RATING: 10/10 | 23/11/2022
Outstanding job! Thank you very much.
Loic P.   about   Dafinka K.
RATING: 9.4/10 | 23/11/2022
Много съм доволна! Препоръчвам я!
Denitsa   about   Ivanka V.
RATING: 10/10 | 29/11/2022
Очаквах повече.
Мариана б.   about   Топ Клийн
RATING: 10/10 | 30/11/2022
perfect job
philippe c.   about   Galina Y.
RATING: 9.4/10 | 21/11/2022
philippe c.   about   Galina Y.

How to book from Domestina?

Regular visits every week from the same housemaid.
The service is extremely popular among young families and professionals who appreciate their free time and prefer to spend it in the company of family, friends or to enjoy their favorite hobby.
A housemaid just for you. Only for you!
If you need daily help in the household, we can find and train the right housemaid for you. You set the terms, obligations and working hours. Payment is made directly to the contractor without the involvement of Domestina.