Part-time work as a housemaid
average bookings for June per housemaid in the top 10%
You choose when, where and at what price to work. Receive the money immediately, in cash and stop whenever you want.
Here's how it works:
Create Profile
Еnter brief information about yourself - photo, description, phone and email.
Set a price for a 4-hour visit
Prices are currently in the range {min_price} - 70 lv per 4-hour visit
Pay activation fee of 9 lv
The paid fee distinguishes people with serious intentions from those who create an account and then do not fulfill their orders.
Choose in which neighborhoods you want to take orders
Only customers from these neighborhoods will be able to hire you.
Choose on which dates you want to work
Domestina will offer customers only the dates you have announced as available.
Client of decides to hire you
You immediately receive a viber message for a new order. You can see your order details on
Do the cleaning
The client pays in cash after the visit. You keep the whole sum.
The client fills in a feedback form and sets a rating
The feedbacks form your rating on It determines how many orders you receive and what price customers would pay for your time.
Become part of
What does the work involve?
At the clients you perform the standard household services - cleaning, ironing, hanging washed clothes, washing dishes, changing bed linen and others (without cooking).
What are the financial conditions
Domestina does not take a percentage of your earnings from customers, 100% of this amount goes to you. To be on the platform, you pay a monthly fee equal to the price of one of your visits. In case you have not made any visits to a client in the previous month, will not charge you.
RATING: 10/10 | 01/07/2022
Bob M.   about   Petya L.
RATING: 10/10 | 25/06/2022
She did everything very well, thank you! :)
Sepideh M.   about   Martina D.
RATING: 10/10 | 23/06/2022
Olya C.   about   Miglena H.
RATING: 10/10 | 22/06/2022
She is amazing
David K.   about   Neli Cherneva
RATING: 10/10 | 22/06/2022
I won't lie - my home was a mess. Kati undertook every task with a smile, she had great communication, an excellent attitude, and great attention to detail. 11 / 10 Highly recommended.
Alek A.   about   Ekaterina S.
RATING: 10/10 | 18/06/2022
Excellent !! very happy
durand   about   Sevdelina P.
Last registered housemaids
Desislava K.

Десислава е зодия Везни, говори 3 езика. Основната и работа е в печатницата на БНБ. Поддържа чистотата в дома си. Описва себе си като отзивчив, сериозен и много енергичен човек. През свободното си време обича да спортува и да пътува.

Paolina S.

Паолина е зодия Лъв, омъжена с едно дете. Има опит в почистването както от фирми за професионално почистване така и на самостоятелна практика. Описва себе си като перфекционист, човек който обича чистотата и реда. През свободното си време обича да чете и да се занимава с арт неща.

Polina P.

Поли е един много лъчезарен човек, зодия Овен. В момента основната и работа е сервитьорка, където всеки ден старателно трябва да почиства работното си място. Описва себе си като сръчна, подредена и експедитивна. През свободното си време обича да чете или да се занимава с музика.

Penka K.

Пенка е омъжена, с две дъщери, зодия Козирог. Работи в почистването от 3 години. Себе си описва като отговорна и честна, полага старание във всичко, което прави и не пести сили да постигне желания резултат. В свободното си време обича да рисува.

Aneliya A.

Анелия е омъжена с две малки деца, зодия Рак. Основната и работа е в детска градина. За себе си казва, че е отговорна и поддържа идеална хигиена с своя дом. За нея чистотата е от първостепенно значение за комфорта в дома. Свободното си време прекарва основно със семейството си.

Dimitra T.

Димитра е позитивна, винаги усмихната, зодия Рак. Описва себе си като организиран човек, който обича реда и чистотата. Семейството е най-важното нещо за нея. През свободното си време обича да рисува, да готви и да ходи на кино.

What is Domestina?
We connect clients and domestic helpers. Only for the price of one of your visits per month you get unlimited access to the platform.
Frequently Asked Question
No previous experience is required to participate in the platform.
All necessary detergents and cleaning supplies are provided by the customers. Wear slippers and comfortable work clothes. Mask and gloves are recommended.
Yes, customer visits are single person.
There is no requirement for customers to be present, this is their decision.
In the event of damage, you must first notify the customer. The material responsibility in these cases is yours.
You decide how to get to the addresses. You are not required to have a personal car, however this allows you to cover more neighborhoods.
Your success on the Domestina platform is entirely up to you. The most important factors that determine your performance are:
  • Your price corresponds to market realities
  • Customers like your work and leave you good ratings and positive reviews
  • You cover neighborhoods where there is a demand for the service
  • You have a professional photo and a well-written biography