Offer your professional cleaning services on the Domestina platform
The top 10% of the companies on the platform received an average of
bookings for June
Domestina is a platform that will help you present, manage and grow your business in the field of cleaning and home care.
Here's how it works:
Create Account
Enter company description, logo, contact information.
Select Cities
You enter on which days you are available to take orders.
Select Services
You set which services you perform and what your prices are.
Get presented to clients
Domestina presents your company to customers looking for cleaning services.
Get bookings
No screening visits or haggling, customers see your prices on the website, enter their requirements and book directly.
Perform an excellent service
After the cleaning is complete, you get paid by the client in cash.
Become part of
What you get from Domestina

every client will rate your work. If you are a professional, you will immediately stand out from the competition.

Cost control

you will no longer pay for expensive advertising that doesn't work. At Domestina you will only pay if you have received a booking.

Quality customers

Domestina customers are people who know what they want, are looking for the best solution and are willing to pay for it.

What are the financial conditions?
Domestina charges a fee of 15% for every finished cleaning or a minimum of 25 lv per week. The fees are calculated every Monday for the previous week and are withdrawn from your bank card on Tuesday.
Can I set when to get bookings?
You have complete control over your schedule. You can set which days and which hours to be available on the platform. You can also exclude some dates when somebody is on vacation for example.
Can I cancel a booking from Domestina?
No1. Once you get a booking from a client, if you cannot service it, it will affect very negatively your rating or will lead to your termination from the platform.
How do I know I've a booking from Domestina?
You'll get a Viber notification that you have a new booking. You'll see full details in your Admin panel on
Your success on the Domestina platform is entirely up to you. The most important factors that determine your performance are:
  • Your price corresponds to market realities
  • Customers like your work and leave you good ratings and positive reviews
  • You cover neighborhoods where there is a demand for the service