Frequently Asked Question


Our maids provide all sort of services related to the household. They can clean the surfaces, wash the windows, clean the oven, fridge etc. They can also hang the laundry, change the bed linen, iron your clothes, help you arrange your wardrobe, or even stitch a missing button. You can also ask our maid to do some groceries or get your clothes from the dry cleaning within the time of a visit. If you are doing your shopping online our maid can take the order from the courier.
Do you remember how you felt during your first work day at a new place? You probably weren’t sure what to do and how, you didn’t know the exact requirements of your managers and you were relying on people to be nice and explain things to you, so you can do the great work you’re capable of.
That’s exactly how our maids feel when they step into a new home. It would really help them out if you point out where the equipment and materials are, tell them your priorities and how you like things done and give them time to get used to the environment.
Only the FIX subscription guarantees that you will be visited by the same housemaid in the same day of the week, every week. With the rest of our products, you can use your usual housemaid only if she's available.
Your presence during the visit is entirely your choice. We don't require it from you, the only important thing is to give access to your property and a way for the housemaid to secure the place once she leaves.
After each visit you would receive an email with a form to rate the performance of your maid. 10 is the highest rating you could give to your maid and 1 is the lowest. Be very sincere in the form, all of your comments go through moderation before they reach the housemaid. Your feedback gives us the opportunity to maintain high quality and constantly improve the service.

Duration and Time slots

Every housemaid visits two addresses per day, which makes using defined time slots mandatory: 08:30-12:30, 13:30-17:30. In case the client wants, the maid can arrive later than the start time, but cannot leave later than the end time.
Times might differ for services other than housemaid cleaning.

Every housemaid has a schedule, according to which each visit lasts exactly the duration of the booked hours. In case the housemaid completes the work earlier, ask her to propose additional things to do in the remaining time.

Based on our experience, the three and four hour visits are enough for a good cleaning of properties from 60-100 sq.m. depending on their condition. Our estimation is based on full service including top-to-bottom cleaning. For smaller properties we suggest to change the frequency of the visit, not the time frame.

Skip/Change Visits

When you make a new subscription, you get one free visit cancellation. You'll be getting one extra free cancellation for every 4 passed visits. You can accumulate up to 3 free cancellations. The button to cancel a visit is on your dashboard, if you click it the visit will be cancelled.
According to our cancellation policy, you can skip a visit without a fee up to 2 days before the date of the visit.
You cannot change the address of a subscription. You should cancel your current subscription and create a new one with the new address.


Yes, the only thing that's required is to click on the "Invoice" checkbox on the payment page, and fill your company details. We'll email you an invoice 2 hours after each visit.
The only way to pay for the housemaid services at Domestina is by using credit/debit card. The amount for the visit will be blocked 6 days before the visit and will be withdrawn after the end of the visit. The other services can be paid with various payment methods. Please contact for more information.
Your credit card data never reaches the servers of Domestina. Our partner - Braintree, handles the payments for us. Braintree is a daughter company of PayPal, and is one of the biggest companies in the field of online payments. They cover the highest security standards - PCI DSS. Every other interaction with Domestina is protected by 128 bits SSl/TLS encryption.