Privacy Policy

How we collect information

Information at Domestina is collected only through direct input from our customers or with the option to login through Google/Facebook we receive the user's name and email from them.

What information we collect

The information that we collect is the following:


Cookies are a small data pack that is sent from the website and is stored into the user's browser.

Domestina creates cookies after the user's authentication. We use cookies so we can know which user actually interacts with the website.

What we use the information for

Domestina uses the collected information for:

Access to user information from third parties

Domestina does not distribute/share/sell its user data to third parties. User personal data can reach third parties only in the following cases:

Information Security

Domestina has taken all necessary precautions to ensure the security of the user data.

Information Storing

User data is only collected and stored digitally in Domestina's servers.
When a user has opted in to receive any type of notification from Domestina, the data of that user is not automatically removed.
When a user has used any service at Domestina, the user's data are kept for 10 years(according to the law) after the service was used.
When a user has not opted in to receive notifications and has not used any of Domestina services, the user's data is deleted after 6 months.
Personal data from job applications who were not approved to be part of the Domestina platform is deleted after 3 years.

Destruction of Information

Users have the right to make a request to Domestina to delete or change all personal information. Write an email to to get started.