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Cities served: Pernik, Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo), Bistritsa, German, Dolni Bogrov, Kostinbrod


We are a company focused mainly on healthy cleaning. We work with Rainbow machines, we use steam to clean, and when we need we use professional, biodegradable detergents.

Services from Cleanbow

End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning
We are a company focused on healthy cleaning. We use Rainbow machines and EV steam cleaners. Desertives that are used by the Amway brand and other professional preparations that are health-friendly. Deep cleaning includes, cleaning of windows and window frames, cleaning and disinfection of sanitary premises with 170 degrees, dust removal of the house with Rainbow, cleaning of all surfaces professional preparations , kitchen cabinets, black appliances, etc.), oven cleaning, dusting of Rainbow floors and cleaning of food. Then your home remains completely clean, all bacteria and dust have to be moved both you and your family.
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
We use a Rainbow machine that taps all the upholstery, mattresses and carpets, removing all the dust, mites and sands. After we drain everything with a Rainbow machine, we wash with extractor Rio and Amway detergents. The surfaces that are not covered with upholstery are cleaned with an EV steam cleaner that cleans with steam at 170 degrees, removing any dirt with only water, no detergents needed. Depending on the fabric, the furniture dries for between 3 and 5 hours. 
After Renovation Cleaning
The main tasks of the repair after repairing are the complete dust removal of the dwelling and the removal of paint traces and other repairs, so we work with Cleanbow machines to ensure the removal of the finest dust and complete cleaning of your home with special desertives that are good for you and your family, but at the same time they manage to cope with the most stubborn dirt.
The cleaning includes:

  • washing of windows and window frames (without alpine means);
  • dusting everything in the home (floors, walls, ceilings, furnishings);
  • cleaning lockers from outside and inside;
  • complete bathroom cleaning;
  • cleaning of lighting fixtures;
  • cleaning keys and contacts
  • tapping the upholstery and washing it with Rainbow.

After our cleaning, the home is ready to live and safe for you and your family.
Car Upholstery Cleaning
To clean your car's upholstery, we use Rainbow machines to tap out all the dust that has gathered in the upholstery over time, and then we wash with extractive machine and high-quality Amway detergents. After washing, we place a foil on the driver's seat if the car is to be used immediately. Upholstery dries for about 2 hours. Electric socket must be accessible in a at most 50 meters.
Window Cleaning
We are a company that focuses on healthy cleaning. This means we use equipment and detergents that will protect your health. The cleaning of the windows is done with quality detergents, the whole window and frames are cleaned (without the alpine method). The result is finally a brilliant window through which you can enjoy the world outside. The only requirement for you is to ensure a free access to the windows.
Oven and Fridge Cleaning
Cleaning ovens, hobs, hoods and refrigerators involves completely degreasing them with professional detergents, removing stubborn dirt, and removing odors. To clean the oven, it must be empty from any dishes, the refrigerator must also be emptied and all magnets removed. To clean the freezer, it needs to be thawed and emptied. Cleaning the oven also includes a metal grill attached to it, but the glass of the oven is not disassembled. A professional detergent is applied to the oven, hood and hob, which breaks down all the fat and cleans everything after waiting. After cleaning, your oven, hob, refrigerator and hood will glow clean and be greasy.
Bathroom Cleaning
We are a company focused mainly on healthy cleaning. We work with Rainbow machines, we use steam to clean, and when we need we use professional, biodegradable detergents.
Disinfection is used by trained teams of professional disinfectants, which are completely safe for the health of you, your family and your pets and should last up to 5 days. They are alcohol-based and some of them contain silver particles for additional disinfectant action.

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