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Професионално почистване Варна

Clean House Varna offers high quality service at affordable prices, our priority being to leave our customers satisfied.

Services from Професионално почистване Варна

End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning

For the deep cleaning of your home, we use professional detergents and equipment  of KÄRCHER  and Rainbow E2.

The cleaning includes:

  • Dust removal
  • Washing of windows and window frames;
  • Cleaning of sanitary premise
  • Vacuuming of floor coverings
  • Mopping flooring

The result of deep cleaning is a sparkling clean home!
After Renovation Cleaning
For cleaning after repair we use Rainbow E2 and Kärcher.

After renovation cleaning includes:

1.Church and Living Room
  •  Floor washing and vacuuming
  •  Dust removal  - all furniture, inside and outside

2. Bedroom
  • Eliminating and vacuuming floor coverings
  • Dust removal - All furniture inside and outside

3. Corridor
  • mopping and vacuuming of floor coverings

4. Sanitary premises
  • packing of powder, inside and outside, countertops, cabinets, sinks and mixers

  •  Clean windows and window frames from dirt and dsut .

  •  Spider web removal in all rooms.

The cleaning effect is a sparkling clean home!

Window Cleaning
There are no special requirements, but it is good to have access to the windows in order to be able to work well. Cleaning is done with professional glass tools.
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
For the washing of upholstered furniture and carpets we use the Rainbow cleaning system.

The first piece of furniture is vacuum cleaned and dehumidified by Rainbow.

The second step is to spray an aromatic detergent on the soft furniture that stays on the surface for a period of 3 minutes while it takes effect.

A third step is rinse, done with a Rainbow extractor.

After treatment with the extractor, the upholstery remains slightly damp for a period of 2-3 hours, depending on the weather conditions.

This method provides perfectly clean upholstered furniture.
Oven and Fridge Cleaning
Appliances are cleaned with professional detergents.

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