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Monti Clean

Hi, MontiClean Manol & Friends Ltd. is a new company in the market in the field of cleaning services. We are new, our team is small and young, but very united, organized, responsible, ambitious and motivated to develop and achieve our goals. When you need the services we offer, feel free to contact us. After commenting and viewing the site, the price of the service, date and time is determined. We will be happy to clean and refresh your facilities so that you and we will be pleased. It is important for us to keep you satisfied, there is no lie or deceit in us. If there is anything beyond our power, we will be direct and honest with you. Thank you for choosing us!

Services from Monti Clean

Deep Cleaning
The deep cleaning involves the following activities:

1. Sweeping
2. Window washing
3. Washing of upholstered furniture, if the client wishes
4. Cleaning of dust surfaces
5. Vacuum
6. Moping
7. Cleaning of bathrooms

The client can expect the property to be perfectly cleaned, refreshed and fully finished. We may be new, but we do our best.

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
We are working with a vacuum cleaner for washing. First, the dust from the upholstered furniture is sucked off, then sprayed with detergent or clean water and sucked off. Then it takes some time for the surface to dry. The surfaces will be completely dry within 2 to 5 hours.

After Renovation Cleaning
We remove building materials by hand. After collecting the larger waste with brooms, we vacuum with a powerful Roventa vacuum cleaner, clean the surfaces with detergents. We first clean windows, window frames and blinds with water to remove any dust, and then clean with detergents. We clean baths, toilets and joints. And for the final we mop the flooring. If the client desires, we also wash upholstered furniture.

1. Removal of building materials
2. Surface cleaning
3. Cleaning and washing windows, windows and blinds
4. Vacuuming
5. Moping
6. Cleaning of bathrooms

The client can expect a perfectly clean room, refreshed and ready to be placed furniture.

Window Cleaning
Professional window cleaning (frames and window sills) and blinds with high quality detergents.

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