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Cities served: Sofia


Quality of work for us is a fundamental principle that we put first. That is why our activity is based on professional machines and tools, as well as high quality materials, which guarantee the impeccable performance of our services.

Services from ВИКО ГРУПС

Deep Cleaning
Dusting, cleaning of kitchens, windows, windows, blinds. Cleaning of lighting fixtures, switches, sockets, paintings, doors. Cleaning of sanitary facilities. Cleaning is carried out with professional machines and detergents.
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
Laundry is done with professional machines. The preparations we use are environmentally friendly. Laundry is a deep vacuum, application of detergent, washing and drying of upholstered furniture, mattresses and carpets.
After Renovation Cleaning
Removal of dirt from building materials. Machine dusting of fine dust, double-sided washing of windows and windows, cleaning of all floors with a professional machine, cleaning of cabinets outside, washing and disinfection of sanitary rooms, cleaning of doors, handles, contacts, switches, lamps, blinds and more.
Car Upholstery Cleaning
The machines used for the respective service are: extractor and vacuum cleaner.
The drying period depends on the weather conditions. The company employees need access to electricity and running water. The car washes at the location you specified.
Window Cleaning
Cleaning is done with professional tools and detergents.
Oven and Fridge Cleaning
Vacuuming, degreasing and polishing of appliances.
Bathroom Cleaning
Cleaning, vacuuming and disinfection of sanitary facilities with professional products, machines and tools.