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Cities served: Vratsa, Sofia

Tiara Clean

It's a pleasure to clean up to shine!

Services from Tiara Clean

Deep Cleaning
For the deep cleaning, we use Velmax and Arnica dust systems. Cleaning with minimal or no detergent with Tupperware towels.

Cleaning includes:

Cleaning of vertical and horizontal surfaces, walls, floors, furniture. Exterior cleaning of cabinets, refrigerators, aspirators, oven and hotplates. Deep blunting of soft coverings, carpets and carpets.
Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities.
Exterior and interior washing of windows and windows and blinds, without a climbing approach.

The client can expect a completely clean and refreshed home!

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
For washing upholstered furniture we use systems for washing and dusting Velmax and Arnika. It takes up to 5 hours for the furniture and carpets to dry completely. There is no danger for the floorings

Window Cleaning
Bilateral cleaning of windows, joinery and blinds.

Bathroom Cleaning
It's a pleasure to clean up to shine!
Express Cleaning
It's a pleasure to clean up to shine!

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