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"Свежест 42 " ООД

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Services from "Свежест 42 " ООД

End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning
For the deep cleaning, our company relies on professional equipment from manufacturers Karcher and Rainbow.
The deep cleaning includes:
  • Washing windows and doors
  • Dustcleaning of the rooms and adjoining furniture
  • Wet and dry cleaning of floor coverings
  • Complete cleaning of the sanitary unit
  • Cleaning terraces and corridors
  • Cleaning the kitchenette and the household appliances

The object is in impeccable form!
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
We have a professional Kаrcher extractor and a Rainbow cleaning system.
In combination, the two techniques allow deep washing of furniture or carpets and visible results.
The treated items reamin slightly damp. 
You need to leave the room ventilated so that it can dry completely in the next 4-6 hours (depending on the fabric /
After Renovation Cleaning
For after renovation cleaning, our company relies on professional equipment from manufacturers Karcher and Rainbow.
"When cleaning, we use a special range of professional products that are not distributed in the shop network as well as for mass use.
 All surfaces are treated with a detergent suitable for the respective surface. We obtain the formulations in their concentrated form and dilute them according to the degree of contamination and recommended by the manufacturer.

In the after renovation cleaning, first we remove the rough part - stickers, paints, plaster, coarse particles and larger dirt.

Then the cleaning goes to fine dust cleaning, which includes:
  • First of all, windows and window frames are cleaned
  • the walls are dehumidified (with a Rainbow attachment, specially designed to fine-tune walls with a soft, natural horsehair).
  • If there is furniture in the room, dust and polish it with a detergent for the surface.
  • Doors and chandeliers are cleaned.
  • Lastly, the flooring remains, which is again treated for fine dust and is cleaned with a floor preparation (there are varieties of natural stone, wood, granite, etc.)
  • After completing the full cycle, we use a long-lasting scent that keeps your scent 4-5 days in the room.

Larger surface floorings are cleaned with a single - disk cleaner, and more inaccessible areas are cleaned manually.
When cleaning a bathroom after a repair, it is necessary to provide hot or lukewarm water. For this type of cleaning, clean again from ceiling to floor. Remove all excess fugue by means of an abrasive sponge and a repairer after repair.

We have a separate faience and a mixer and battery. It is re-cleaned with a bath detergent that prevents the build-up of scale for some time.
Before completion, the sanitary room is dried and polished with a polishing cloth.

The customer accepts the site ready for operation and with a wonderful scent!

Window Cleaning
The service includes two-sided cleaning of the windows according to the announced prices and wiping of the joinery. They are cleaned manually by a feather and a bear. We use water and window detergent from a professional series. The customer needs to provide access to running water so that the dirty water can be replaced with clean water. We use polishing towels to finalize cleaning. Since blinds are several varieties, they are cleaned manually or with a Rainbow with blinds attachment. Use a detergent that is suitable for the fabric / cloth, aluminum, plastic /. We offer cleaning of facades and height-cleaning windows. We have a surplus on rent, and for more affordable windows - a telescope 8 m.

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