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Cities served: Bankya, Sofia, Lozen (selo), Bistritsa, German, Dolni Bogrov, Kostinbrod, Kazichene, Krivina


Professionalism, quality, correctness and speed are the leading incentives for us! We clean any kind of surfaces by keeping the material from damage or deformation. Our professionalism is at your disposal!

Services from M.G.M

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
The laundry is with a professional extractor Karcher or Lavor. The machines have two tanks - one for clean water with a detergemt, the other collects the dirty water after washing. The accumulated dirt is drawn in depth. Hard-to-reach places are handled. After the laundry, the furniture remained almost. Two to three are ready for use. Carpets remain wet for about 2-3 hours. There is no danger for flooring.
After Renovation Cleaning
The cleaning includes:
  • Removing industrial dust from walls, suspended ceilings and furniture with a professional vacuum cleaner.
  • Cleaning of switches, sockets, lamps, pictures, radiators and more.
  • Glass and window frames are cleaned with special tools and professional detergents, cleaned manually / without alpine means.
  • Cleaning of interior doors.
  • Dusting and polishing of furniture.
  • Cleaning of sanitary premises.
  • Cleaning of floor coverings with a rotor machine for professional cleaning (for hard flooring) or manual washing depending on the contamination.

After cleaning the apartment is ready to live.
Deep Cleaning
Use professional equipment and preparations suitable for the degree of contamination and the type of surfaces and floorings. Detergents are harmless to humans and pets.
The cleaning includes:
 - Washing windows and wiping joinery without alpine means; - Vacuuming of floor coverings, upholstered furniture; - Wiping dust from furniture (exterior), equipment, doors, sills, radiators, switches, contacts, etc .; - Cleaning of cobwebs; - polishing of mirrors and furniture; - Cleaning of kitchen appliances; - Cleaning of sanitary premises; - Disinfection and cleaning of bathtubs, toilets and sinks, etc .; - Washing of floor coverings with the appropriate preparations.
After your visit you will feel the coziness of the clean house.

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