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Cities served: Burgas


LIK LTD carries out the washing of mattresses, sofas, armchairs, carpets and any sofas, washing of seats and more.

Services from ЛИК ООД

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
For carpet and sofas washing, we use a professional Kercher extractor and a single-disk cleaner from Numatic! Carpet washing is carried out thanks to the special one-disk machine, which has different hardness and length brushes that rub deeply the cleaning products and spread them well. Washing of all kinds of upholstered furniture is done with the extractor, which injects at very high speed and under special angle the detergents. Then wet the wet surface for excellent results.
The detergents that are used are very strong and degreasing properties and can not be bought from the store. They perfectly dissolve all dirt and stains and give the treated surfaces a look of new.
The upholstered furniture is unfit for seating or use immediately after washing. Total drying depends on the type of furniture, the fabric of which it is made, the temperature in the room and last but not least of the season. In the hot and hot days, it usually dries within a day and in the colder days it can take 2-3 days and even more depending on the temperature in the room.