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Cities served: Varna, Zlatni pyasatsi, Sv. sv. Konstantin i Elena


We work in two directions: we clean buildings and grind stone floors. For more than 20 years on the market, we are one of the best in the industry. We do not risk with you, you get the best quality services.

Services from ЮВЕНТА ЕООД

End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning
For the deep cleaning we use disc and extruder machines from LAVOR WASH, SOTECO and ELECTROLUX. We use only professional detergents, but from different manufacturers. We are generally working with EVENS and also with the MHX.
We start from top to bottom and inside out, lastly cleaning the floors.

After Renovation Cleaning

We use professional subwashing disk and powertrain machines from LAVOR WASH, ELECTROLUX, SOTECO. We have skeletons and telescopes to reach tall glass or undercover spaces.
For grinding stone floors, we have perhaps the best quality machines in Bulgaria - brand new Hercules of CLINDEX. They allow us to offer unique quality!
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
We use LAVOR WASH extractive and disc machines and professional cleaning products from EVENS as well as other professional cleaning cleaning companies. If the weather is hot or the air conditioner is in the room, the furniture dries very quickly - in two or three hours. If it's cold and wet, it's best to leave it for a day to make sure it's completely dry. The leather and sofas are washed superficially, that is, they are not soaked with water, as if they were washed in a car wash. That is why carpets also apply the same drying rule as with furniture.

Window Cleaning
"There are no special requirements, but it is good to have access to the windows in order to be able to work well and to clean it with professional glass tools.
What result do you expect?
If you do not see the glass, then we're done. "

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