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Cities served: Sofia, Lozen (selo)

Elit Clean

Elite Clean is designed to bring coziness and cleanliness to your home and office.

Services from Elit Clean

After Renovation Cleaning
After renovation cleaning is done as follows: 
  1. Cleaning the place from the accumulated dust during the repair with a professional vacuum cleaner. 
  2. Removing industrial dust from walls, suspended ceilings, furniture. 
  3. Cleaning the keys, contacts and more. 
  4. Cleaning glasses and profiles with special tools and professional preparations such as manual cleaning.
  5. Door cleaning.
  6.  Cleaning the furniture (if available, kitchen, wardrobes, tables, bedrooms, etc.) 
  7.  Cleaning of sanitary premises. 
  8.  Cleaning flooring with a rotor machine for professional cleaning or manual washing depending on the degree of contamination.

After our visit you will be able to enjoy the time when you put your clothes in the wardrobe, the cups in the kitchen cabinets without the need for additional cleaning. Your home will be clean and you will have an ideal hygienic environment for you and your loved ones.
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery cleaning is done with a professional Karcher Extractor. The machine works with two tanks. One has clean water with a detergent, the other collects dirty water after washing. The special nozzle injects water with a detergent and then draws down the accumulated dirt. Less accessible places are handled by hand. After the washing, the furniture remains slightly damp. The drying time is between 4-8 hours at an average temperature of 18-22 degrees. Carpets remain wet for about 2 hours. There is no danger for the flooring, laminate, parquet and others. The extractor dispenses the water with the detergent and sucks out immediately. If wet (dew type), it is immediately dried by hand.
End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning
Elit Clean mainly carries out cleaning of homes and offers all the services related to basic cleaning according to the clients' requirements with professional machines and detergents depending on the cleaning. When washing up the sofas and carpets, a Karcher extractor is used. The cleaning is done by a team and each assumes a task. It starts with the cleaning of dust on furniture, lighting fixtures, paintings, doors, door frames, contacts, switches, etc. Cleaning of kitchen appliances and cabinets. Clean floors with a professional vacuum cleaner, wash windows with special tools. The flooring is washed, the sanitary premises cleaned in parallel with the other rooms. After visiting a team from Elit Clean, expect your home to shine.

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