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Cities served: Burgas


Cleaning your home, office, store - mainly after repair, washing up the sofas, carpets, window washing.

Services from Чистичко

After Renovation Cleaning
Cleaning after construction and repair includes: 
  1. complete washing of glass and window frames.
  2. removing dust from doors, sills or furniture if they are available.
  3. machine washing of floor coverings and drying them.
  4. collection and disposal of construction waste. 
  5. Removal of any remnants of paints, adhesives, latex, gypsum, fungi, etc.
  6.  complete cleaning of bathroom and toilet
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
We use the Karcher machine. Drying is up to three hours. There is no danger of laminate or parquet under the carpets.
End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning
We use professional kerchair machines. The cleaning includes:
  • Vacuum Cleaning Machine (manual) cleaning of hard flooring;
  • Machine cleaning of soft floors;
  • Cleaning of dust from television and computer equipment;
  • Cleaning of radiators and ledges;
  • Window and window cleaning;
  • Door cleaning;
  • Cleaning of mirrors;
  • Cleaning of lighting fixtures, switches, sockets;
  • Cleaning and polishing of furniture;
  • Cleaning of kitchen countertops;
  • Cleaning of kitchen cabinets, tables and shelves;
  • Cleaning the sink;
  • Cleaning of hard flooring;
  • Cleaning of kitchen and household appliances (outdoor);
  • Window and window cleaning;
  • Waste disposal;
  • Replacement of waste bags Bath / Toilet;
  • Cleaning of a toilet bowl;
  • Bath, shower, jacuzzi;
  • Cleaning of faience (floor and walls);
  • Mirror cleaning;
  • Cleaning cabinets and the like;
  • Cleaning the sink;