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Cities served: Bankya, Kazichene, Krivina, Lozen (selo), Sofia

БРУТИ - почистване с био продукти

We are BRUTI LTD - the company for professional cleaning with organic products.

Services from БРУТИ - почистване с био продукти

Deep Cleaning
Dust cleaning of all surfaces, vacuuming, cleaning of windows and windows, cleaning of furniture with detergent and microfiber cloth, wet cleaning of floor surfaces - by hand or machine according to the surface, cleaning of doors and crates, cleaning of the kitchen, cleaning of the bathroom.
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
Cleaning is performed with professional extractor machines, the way of washing is by applying the high pressure detergent with a nozzle and then suctioning. After washing, the detergent and the deposited dirt (hair, bacteria and mites) are collected in a container. Drying takes one to several hours. The surface remains slightly damp.
After Renovation Cleaning
Used single-disc machine with brushes and different pads, vacuum cleaner, extractor - 1 team of 3 people.
Car Upholstery Cleaning
Cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner, extractor and tornado. It is necessary to provide power supply. Drying period - 1 hour if the car is running on site with steam on.
Window Cleaning
The service includes window washing up to 3 m in height.
Oven and Fridge Cleaning
Cleaning with degreaser and antibacterial agent.
Bathroom Cleaning
Antibacterial cleansing. Polishing of shower mixer.

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