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Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo)

Бонанза - Бачорски

"Bonanza - Bachorski" began its operations in the year 2008 as a small family business. At the very beginning there was only one mobile team and it serviced medium sized properties in Sofia. Today the company has 30 mobile teams in Sofia and Plovdiv, working shifts and covering 24-hour workday.

Services from Бонанза - Бачорски

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
We do professional washing with an extractor machine. We use only people and pet friendly professional detergents. The dryout time depends on the level of pollution, normally around 4-6 hours.
After Renovation Cleaning
Cleaning windows; Cleaning window frames and blinds(double sided); Cleaning window ledges; Cleaning furniture and household appliances; Cleaning wardrobes doors and door cases; Removing spider webs; Wet cleaning of all types of floors; Cleaning lamps; Cleaning railings; Machine washing of carpets and upholstery; Deep cleaning of toilets, bathrooms and dressing rooms;
Cleaning for businesses
We support business cleaning