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By choosing "Bobbyclean" as your cleaning assistant, you choose a right, open relationship and a team that does its job at a highly professional level.

Services from БОБИКЛИН

Deep Cleaning
The machines we use are Zelmer, Numatic, and Kаrcher. Our detergents are environmentally friendly and safe for your health by Manufacturer Method

Your home is your fortress, but what kind of fortress will it be if it is not perfectly cleaned? How will you feel comfortable and cozy in your house or apartment when you do not have time to clean it? That's why we offer our professional cleaning services for homes and offices.

Deep cleaning is a service that includes the following activities:
  • Double-sided washing of windows and window frames;
  • Cleaning luminaires (without disassembly and installation).
  • Remove cobwebs and dust in every corner of your home;
  • Cleaning of sections, keys, contacts, locks, doors, showcases, libraries, racks;
  • Cleaning TVs, receivers, desktops, paintings, photo frames Vacuuming soft and hard surfaces
  • Handwashing on floor coverings

Cleaning, degreasing and disinfection of a kitchen, which includes:
  • Cleaning the sink, refrigerator, oven and hob, and other kitchen appliances (both inside and outside); Cleaning cabinets (inside and outside) and kitchen countertop.
Cleaning, polishing and disinfection of the bathroom includes:
  • Disinfection and cleaning of a bathtub (shower), toilet, sink, mirrors. Clean the walls and floor in your bathroom.

  • Cleaning terraces and porches.

We will be sure that after a long working day you will have a refreshed, clean and cozy home where you will have the opportunity to relax.
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
We use professional machines Kercher and Rainbow.
Surfaces will have a moisture content of up to 80% and will dry depending on the temperature and humidity of the room. Typically, the surfaces will be completely dry within a few hours.
Carpets are cleaned in place and there is no danger to the flooring.
After Renovation Cleaning
The machines we use are vacuum cleaners Henry,  Zellmer as well as Kаrcher.

After renovation cleaning includes:
Disposal of building materials remaining after repair - tiles, cement bags, terracotta, nets, paint boxes, protective equipment, polyethylene, etc.
Cleaning of small construction waste, such as plaster, gypsum, cement, etc.
Removing remaining paint, silicone, grout and other debris. Carefully remove all splashes and drops of paint, adhesives, foam and silicone, residual grout on the joints of terracotta and faience.
De-dusting of walls, windows, sills, ceilings, cupboards, keys, frames, etc. Everything is washed thoroughly to complete purity.
Wash basically on the floor.
Machine cleaning of hard and soft flooring.
Washing of windows and window frames.
Complete cleaning of sanitary facilities.
Washing of upholstered furniture, carpets, carpets, mattresses, etc.

Trust us - we will clean up to a state of excellent cleanliness and comfort.

Window Cleaning
Washing of the windows is done with professional cleaning tools. All necessary detergents are provided by us. Clients are not engaged in any way. Alpine cleaning is not carried out.
Express Cleaning
By choosing "Bobbyclean" as your cleaning assistant, you choose a right, open relationship and a team that does its job at a highly professional level.

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