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Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Bistritsa, Kazichene, Kostinbrod, Krivina, Lozen (selo), Novi iskar, Pernik

Mayana Cleaning Services

"We have never promised something we can't do, and in the best possible way!"

Services from Mayana Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning
 All hard and soft floors. • Window frames, windows, blinds, doors, frames. • Dust from all surfaces, cobwebs, etc. • Sanitary facilities • Kitchens (including appliances) • Terraces, stairs and more. The technique we use is from the professional series of Karcher.
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
Dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Spray washing - extraction. If necessary, manual treatment of deeper contaminants. Suction of water until partial drying. Complete drying within 24 hours. The machines are from the Karcher professional series, as well as the detergents.
After Renovation Cleaning
* Removal of paint residues, silicone, grout, splashes and drops of paint, adhesives, foam and silicone, grout residues on the joints of terracotta and faience. * Dedusting of walls, windows, sills, ceilings, cabinets, keys, cases, etc. * Basic cleaning of flooring * Washing of windows and joinery. * Complete cleaning of the bathrooms. * Other necessary cleaning services after repair, according to the condition of the premises. The technique we use is vacuum cleaners, windshield wipers and a steam cleaner from the Karcher Professional series.
Window Cleaning
We clean windows with a Karcher machine or steam cleaner, suitable detergents for the windows.
Oven and Fridge Cleaning
Appliances are cleaned with suitable detergents and a steam cleaner.
Bathroom Cleaning
Cleaning with appropriate detergents and tools, as well as with a professional steam cleaner.
End of Tenancy Cleaning
"We have never promised something we can't do, and in the best possible way!"

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