Bedbug Control

The bedbugs are small insects, flat and without wings. They successfully hide even in the smallest cracks of wood, in clothes, mattresses, wardrobes and others. They are night insects, they are active in the evening and eat exclusively blood. This makes them not only irritating, but also potential carriers of infections. Since they pose a health risk, their removal is a must.

What technology is used?

These insects are one of the most difficult pests to remove, they can hide in very small crevices and can stay there for a long time. They also breed extremely quickly, so without a quick reaction, the population can reach enormous proportions. Then the problem can become unsolvable without throwing out the furniture. Usually, the fight against bedbugs is multi-component as it includes spraying, powdering, putting sticky traps, smoking and others.

What is the price?

Different providers work at different rates. Pricing depends on the type of area to be processed. In residential buildings, for a private homes, only the number of rooms matter, for the common areas - the number of apartments in the building. For business buildings and outside areas, the total area determines the value of the order.

How to prepare before the visit?

The preparations prior to the process of removing bed bugs are also much more engaging and invasive than with other pests. Be prepared to empty wardrobes, cabinets, remove carpets, etc. Exact instructions will be obtained after selecting a pest control company company. It would be good to:

  • Clean well with a vacuum cleaner to grab as many eggs as possible (discard the bag immediately);
  • Provide access to mattresses, wardrobes, cabinets;
  • Do not leave any food in the open;

How long does the procedure last and how long is the quarantine period?

If the property is well prepared for the visit, it does not take too long - 1 to 2 hours. The quarantine period after spraying, however, is much longer than that of other pests and can reach up to 48 hours.

How many procedures are necessary?

Usually, the problem can not be solved with a single treatment, at least two visits by a pest control specialist are required. The first treatment kills most of the mature organisms, the second one destroys all the rest, as well as the newly hatched insects.

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