Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are the most common pest in our homes. Generally, they love hot, humid and dark places. Apart from being extremely unpleasant, they are also the cause of many infections and diseases, which makes their destruction mandatory. They multiply extremely quickly and very easily acquire resistance to poisons in small quantities. For these reasons, we can very rarely deal with this pest without the intervention of a professional in pest control.

What technology is used?

There are quite a few different ways to deal with them. Spraying poison is generally the most common and effective way of destroying this type of pest. Other methods such as sticky traps or gels are usually applied when spraying is not possible.

What is the price?

Each provider works at a different price depending on the products used, the speed of execution and the customer rating. The price for private dwellings is based on the number of rooms in the property. The common parts in residential buildings are priced on the basis of a total number of apartments in the building. For business properties, only the area of the place to be processed is considered.

How to prepare before the visit?

To make the visit as effective as possible, it is best to prepare in advance:

  • Collect all food and utensils from the countertops;
  • Empty cabinet under the sink;
  • Clean all rooms, it is not good to clean at least 48 hours after treatment;
  • Free access to the corners between the floor and the wall;
Keep in mind that although you may have seen pests in only one room, all rooms must be processed to avoid migrating from one place to another.

How long does the procedure last and how long is the quarantine period?

In general, the duration depends on the size of your property, but it usually takes less than an hour. The quarantine period depends on the type of pesticides the company uses, plan to be out of your place for at least 2 hours.

How many procedures are necessary?

It depends on how serious the problem is, usually one is enough, in very rare cases a second visit is needed. Keep in mind that prevention is the best remedy for pests. If you do preventive spraying twice a year - spring and autumn, the chance of having a cockroach problem becomes miniature.

What result should be expected?

In the days after spraying, you will begin to find dead cockroaches everywhere, this is normal, be patient until the population is completely extinct.

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