Ant Control

Ants , like many other "pests", are beneficial in nature and have an indispensable place in the ecosystem's balance. But their place is not in human habitats and residential buildings. If the problem is ignored, their colonies can become enormous and turn into a real scourge. Then their elimination becomes slow, expensive and difficult.

What technology is used?

When fighting ants, you have to get to the queen. It can restore the whole population without problems for a few weeks. The queen never leaves the nest, and it is usually difficult to access. Therefore, apart from spraying, different baits are used which are perceived as food by the insects. They feed on it, but they also carry the queen. After consuming the food, she dies, and with her and the whole colony.

What is the price?

The price depends on the type of property. In the case of private dwellings, it is determined by the number of rooms in the property. In the common parts of residential buildings, the price depends only on the total number of apartments. For business buildings and open areas, the value of the order depends only on the area of the place.

How to prepare before the visit?

To help the professionals be as effective as possible, it's best to prepare:

  • Store food, plates, cups, cutlery;
  • Empty the cupboard under the sink;
  • Clean all rooms, it is not good to clean at least two days after the treatment;
  • Ensure sufficient space next to the walls;
It is very important to treat all rooms. Seeing these small insects in one of the rooms does not mean that they have not reached the others. Only the treatment of all the rooms can guarantee that you will completely get rid of this pest.

How long does the procedure last and how long is the quarantine period?

The treatment usually does not take more than 30-40 minutes, of course it depends on the size of the treated area. The quarantine period depends on the company you choose and the pesticide used. In general, however, quarantine lasts between one and two hours.

How many procedures are necessary?

In 90% of the cases one treatment is sufficient. However, if the colony is very large, a second visit may be necessary.

What result should be expected?

Annihilation of the colony occurs between 1 and 2 weeks after treatment depending on the size of the invasion.

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