After renovation cleaning in Plovdiv

After renovation cleaning is a high intensity cleaning for surfaces which are usually stained with construction materials, paints or fine dust. It takes special equipment and a team of 2 to 4 professionals to get the job done. Don’t try to do this type of cleaning by yourself, it’s very easy to damage the surfaces or seal the stains and make them impossible to clean later.

You can book after renovation cleaning, online, through Domestina. Select a company from the list below or just make an order and compare offers from all providers by price and user rating.


We don't call our staff cleaners, gardeners, mechanics, etc. The men and women at OMC have a special DNA. They love their jobs and are proud, that they can relieve you of your duties regarding the cleaning of your home or office. They are kind, understanding, loyal and exceptionally precise. They are the caregivers.


The entire house is cleaned with the Rainbow system - dusting everything up, including walls and ceilings, and then washing. Sanitary rooms and windows are cleaned with a professional steam cleaner KARCHER, which works on the basis of strong steam, which makes 100 percent disinfection along with the necessary detergents. We work with professional detergents most of which are bio-based and non-harmful to health, as well as Rainbow and Karcher detergents. After the service, the apartment will be ready for use in perfect condition without the need for additional cleaning.

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