Window Cleaning in Lozen (selo)

Cleaning of window glasses, frames and blinds using specialized tools and detergents.

What is included in the service?

The service includes cleaning of:

  • Windows(double sided) and window frames;
  • Window Frames
  • Blinds;

The service providers at Domestina work with professional detergents and machines and are much more effective in their work than the average person. Good preparation, equipment and proper technique are a prerequisite for excellent work without compromise and without risk.

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What is the price?

The price is determined by the number and the type of windows in the property. Every company sets its own prices depending on the detergents and tools it uses as well as its expertise and work quality.

Why book through Domestina?

Domestina is the place where you can compare the offers from all providers on one screen - the competition guarantees a fair price. Don't forget that at the end of the visit you rate the performance of the provider. You rating directly influences the amount of work they get through the platform, which makes them extra careful.

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