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There's never enough time for the housework. For that reason, many people turn for help from a professional. The work of the housemaid is to keep the household in order. This includes many activities such as:

  • Home cleaning;
  • Ironing;
  • Washing dishes;
  • Change of bed linen;
  • Hanging laundry;
  • Home organizing;
  • No laundry and cooking;

How to be visited by the same housemaid every time?

The FIX subscription reserves the same housemaid on the same day and time every week. With the other options, you'll be able to book only if the maid you want is available.

How do we guarantee safety?

The companies that offer this service always have a trial period with the new housemaids as well as a signed contract with all of her data. We manage everything according to the law, so you have an invoice and proof, that a given person was in your home to do a job. This is the big difference with the gray sector, where you can not even provide evidence that someone has visited you.

Why book through Domestina?

There are many reasons to book a housemaid in Sofia via the platform. First of all, it's the convenience of the online order , which literally takes seconds. On the site you can see for each day and slot exactly which maids are available. You can compare them by biography, customer reviews and history at Domestina.

Another big plus is the cashless payment , you will never feel uncomfortable with not having enough cash at the moment or the maid not having exact change.

We are great proponents of professional relationships and rules . Years of experience have shown us that if there is no structure and formalism in the relationship with the housemaids, it can quickly degrade and cause major inconveniences.

Cleaning companies offering housemaids in Lozen (selo)

Elit Clean
rating 8.8 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Lozen (selo)

Elit Clean is designed to bring coziness and cleanliness to your home and office. Elit Clean's home helpers are professionally trained to do all the household work for you according to your needs, wishes and specifications. Trust Elit Clean and trust your home in the hands of their home helpers.