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What is included in the service?
In all rooms:
  • Cleaning the most inaccessible places, behind and under furniture, under carpets, over wardrobes and cabinets;
  • Dust removal from all vertical and horizontal surfaces;
  • Washing both sides of windows, window frames and blinds;
In the kitchen:
  • Remove stains from ovens, stoves and kitchen hoods;
  • Outside cleaning of the kitchen cabinets and inside if they are empty;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the refrigerator (inside only if empty);
In the bathroom:
  • Complete disinfection of toilets, bathtubs and showers;
  • Cleaning tile joints and descaling all surfaces;

After the cleaning, your home will be spotless.

Domestina Standard
Each cleaning company on the platform performs this service according to the Domestina standard . The standard guarantees that no matter which contractor from the platform you choose - they will perform all the activities listed in the description of the service. The Domestina standard ensures that all cleaning companies work in unison with our high criteria.
For professional cleaning after construction works, select After Renovation Cleaning.
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RATING: 9.4/10 | 07/08/2022
Had a hiccup finding the right address, but cleaning was performed professionally. Additional points from our family for not bugging us with questions during the visit: I’ve provided all the appliances and instructions when she came and got back to work (working remotely).
Alexandra P.   about   Ekaterina S.
RATING: 10/10 | 18/07/2022
Perfect. There was I place in the kitchen that I forgot about, hard to cleans and wasn’t expecting it to be cleaned. It’s clean now.
burak c.   about   Pavlinka Grigorova
RATING: 10/10 | 11/07/2022
Останахме много доволни. Личи си, че работата се приема като професия. Ще използваме пак.
Ivan I.   about   ТЕТА Клийн
RATING: 8.8/10 | 03/08/2022
Just attention to detail. No problem ! :-)
George K.   about   Vesela Chikova
RATING: 10/10 | 01/08/2022
Amazing team, amazing work
Sonali P.   about   Вивиди ЕООД
RATING: 10/10 | 11/07/2022
Ekaterina is great
David K.   about   Ekaterina S.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the price?

The price depends on the area of the property to be cleaned. Of course every provider has a different pricing, because they work with different number of people, different detergents and machines.

Why book through Domestina?

In Domestina, you can see, in one place, the offers from the best deep cleaning providers in Sveti Vlas. Because of the competitive environment, here you can find the best deals and book with just a few clicks, without any extra phone calls. Once the visit is over, you will receive a feedback form to evaluate the provider. It is the tool that drives them to always be at their top performance and allows you to help future users make the right choice.

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