End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning in Bankya

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Deep cleaning is different from the regular housemaid cleaning in that it's much more thorough. Much more attention is paid to:

  • Windows;
  • Bathroom tile joints;
  • Inside wardrobes and cupboards;
  • Inside the oven;
  • Над гардероби и шкафове;

Generally, activities that take a lot of time and are not done frequently. The difference with after renovation cleaning is that there is no removal of construction materials - paints, latex, adhesives, and fine dust.

Deep cleaning is done by a team of two to four people with professional detergents and cleaning machines.

What is the price?

The price depends on the area of the property to be cleaned. Of course every provider has a different pricing, because they work with different number of people, different detergents and machines.

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In Domestina, you can see, in one place, the offers from the best deep cleaning providers in Bankya. Because of the competitive environment, here you can find the best deals and book with just a few clicks, without any extra phone calls. Once the visit is over, you will receive a feedback form to evaluate the provider. It is the tool that drives them to always be at their top performance and allows you to help future users make the right choice.

Cleaning companies offering end of tenancy / deep cleaning in Bankya

Tornado Clean
rating 9.8 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo)

We use completely harmless and proven quality detergents! The service includes: dust removal, window and window cleaning, cleaning, vacuuming, polishing and final washing and mopping of all floor coverings.

rating 9.8 / 10
Cities served: Pernik, Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo)

For any further information, don't hesitate to call us on 0878924957.We are a company focused on healthy cleaning. We use Rainbow machines and EV steam cleaners. Desertives that are used by the Amway brand and other professional preparations that are health-friendly. Basic cleaning includes membrane extraction of membrane in the household and cleaning and extraction of Rio and Amway preparations, cleaning of windows and window frames, cleaning and disinfection of sanitary premises with 170 degrees, dust removal of the house with Rainbow, cleaning of all surfaces professional preparations , kitchen cabinets, black appliances, etc.), oven cleaning, dusting of Rainbow floors and cleaning of food. Then your home remains completely clean, all bacteria and dust have to be moved both you and your family.

Mr Maid
rating 9.7 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo)

Machines are used depending on the contamination. The detergents are absolutely harmless to humans and pets. Cleaning includes:
  1. dust removal of all premises and furniture;
  2. cleaning windows and window frames;
  3. cleaning all premises and furniture inside and outside;
  4. Polishing;
  5. Washing and mopping of floor coverings;

We always achieve the desired effect from the customer

rating 9.5 / 10
Cities served: Bankya, Pernik, Sofia, Lozen (selo)

For questions 0878178846. We use vacuum cleaners and a two-disk machine to remove stubborn dirt on hard floors. Detergents for the respective surfaces of the KITTER range are used.
The cleaning includes:
  • Washing of windows, window frames and sills, and interior blinds.
  • Cleaning dust from furniture.
  • Washing and degreasing the kitchen (cabinets, oven, hob, fridge).
    In the case that the cabinets are without furniture, they will be restored inside.
  • Washing of a sanitary room (shower, bathtub, bidet, toilet, sink, batteries, radiators, etc.).
  • Full dusting of solid surfaces and subsequent washing.

Xtreme Cleaning
rating 9.8 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Pernik, Lozen (selo)

We use Numatic single discs, Nevada two-stroke water extractors, Rio extractor, and a huge arsenal of hand tools. The detergents we use are from the American company Ecolab, some of the best in the market.
First, clean windows and window frames with hand tools. After that, sofas, mattresses and sofas and chairs are being washed with the Rio Extractor. Then clean the sanitary premises, wipe the dust out of all furniture, switches, sockets, chutes. Finally, we finish cleaning the floors with the single-disk machine and the water-suction unit, respectively, with Numatik and Nevada. And not all of the doors and windows are cleaned in the middle.

Go Cleaning
rating 9.4 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo)

Professional cleaning company Go Cleaning uses several types of machines - Nevada brand vacuum cleaners, Numatic International single-disc machines and high-quality Ecolab products. Each cleaning is done by a team of 4 to 8 people, depending on the size of the object. Upon entering the site, the team initially carries out cleaning and cleaning of windows and doors, sanitary facilities, cleaning and dust removal of furniture, doors, lamps, paintings, contacts, radiators, etc. Complete cleaning of kitchen and corridors. Then clean the floor with machines. The Numatic International single disc drive is used in combination with the required detergent and water, in the presence of heavily soiled floorings or heavy worn ones. Then use the Nevada Vacuum Cleaner to collect dirt and water. At the end the flooring is polished with a microfibre mop and a suitable preparation for your flooring. Your subject will shine from purity.

Кристално Чисто
rating 9.6 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo)

We use only professional equipment and preparations from leading importers in Bulgaria. Depending on the type of cleaning, the teams are formed by the required number of people (from two to twenty).
  • The cleaning includes:
  • Cleaning the living room, living room, bedrooms, children's rooms;
  • Cleaning luminaires (without disassembly and installation);
  •  Washing of windows and wiping of joinery without alpine (washing of the joinery is paid at a 10% discount);
  • Wiping dust from furniture (exterior), equipment, doors, sills, railings, switches, sockets;
  • Vacuuming of hard and soft floor coverings, upholstered furniture;
  • Cleaning of cobwebs;
  •  Manually or mechanically cleaning hard flooring;
  • Cleaning of sanitary rooms Bathrooms and toilets;
  • Disinfection and cleaning of a bathtub (shower cubicle), toilet and sink;
  • Cleaning of mirrors;
  • Cleaning the walls and floor in your bathroom;
  • Kitchen cleaning;
  • Cleaning the sink;
  • Refrigerator cleaning (external);
  • Oven cleaning (external);
  • Cleaning of hobs, ceramic countertops;
  • Cleaning of other kitchen appliances (outdoor);
  • Cleaning of cabinets (outside) and kitchen countertop;
  • Cleaning of cabinets (outside) and kitchen countertop

Топ Клийн
rating 9.8 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo)

For the deep cleaning, we use a Karcher steamer, a Rio Extractor and Extractor and a Karcher Vacuum Cleaner. The detergents we use are mainly Amway, Jet and Kiter.

The deep cleaning includes:

  • 1. Cleaning of windows and frames detergents.
  • 2. Cleaning the sanitary premises with suitable detergents and / or steam cleaners.
  • 3. Dust removal and cleaning of all furniture, doors, sockets, switches, lighting, cooking stoves (outside and inside) and all other appliances.
  • 4. Tapping and washing of soft furniture and carpets.
  • 5. De-dusting and cleaning the floor using a vacuum cleaner, exhauster, steam cleaner and detergents.

The adress will be left clean, fresh and with a pleasant smell

rating 9.4 / 10
Cities served: Bankya, Sofia, Lozen (selo)

Use professional equipment and preparations suitable for the degree of contamination and the type of surfaces and floorings. Detergents are harmless to humans and pets.
The cleaning includes:
 - Washing windows and wiping joinery without alpine means; - Vacuuming of floor coverings, upholstered furniture; - Wiping dust from furniture (exterior), equipment, doors, sills, radiators, switches, contacts, etc .; - Cleaning of cobwebs; - polishing of mirrors and furniture; - Cleaning of kitchen appliances; - Cleaning of sanitary premises; - Disinfection and cleaning of bathtubs, toilets and sinks, etc .; - Washing of floor coverings with the appropriate preparations.
After your visit you will feel the coziness of the clean house.

rating 10 / 10
Cities served: Bankya, Sofia, Lozen (selo)

Professional cleaning machines and certified  detergents from the Mecca of cleaning products - Italy

  • 1. Complete dust removal of walls, ceilings, lighting, objects, wardrobes, switches, contacts, doors, frames, locks, radiators
  • 2. Vacuum-suction on all hard and soft floor coverings
  • 3. Manual / Machine washing - the floorings
  • 4. Cleaning and treatment of Kitchen kabinets with  free  access (external / internal), cleaning and glazing of hobs, degreasing of absorbers, kitchen countertop and electrical appliances - both inside and outside;
  • 5. Bath / toilet cleaning - floors, walls and joints, washing and disinfection of a bathtub, shower, shower, toilet, washbasin, mirror cleaning, washing and disinfecting a screen;
  • 6. Cleaning and washing windows, window frames, sills and balconies, Washing Profiles and Glasses - double-sided, cleaning the blinds
  • 7. Washing of upholstered furniture - machine washing of upholstery and upholstered furniture, machine washing of carpets, cleaning and nourishment of leather furniture

The object will be delivered to the customer in a Perfect look with a Protocol on the services rendered.

rating 9.8 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo)

For cleaning we use Italian detergents of I.C.E. FOR - suitable for professional cleaning and disinfection.
Deep cleaning includes:
cleaning windows
cleaning of sanitary premises
Cleaning appliances
Cleaning of floor coverings

Free Mama
New provider

For the deep cleaning, Free Mama uses Kärcher cleaning equipment and professional Voigt detergents. Our employees are kind and professionally trained. We will leave your home or object only if you are satisfied with the end result.

Deep cleaning includes:
  • Washing windows and window frames with a wiper (need to be accessed)
  • Dust removal of surfaces
  • Cleaning of cobwebs
  • Cleaning the oven and the refrigerator
  • Washing and wiping surfaces
  • Vacuuming in all rooms
  • Washing of flooring
  • Deep washing and disinfection of the sanitary rooms with steam cleaner
  • Taking out the trash

The object will be perfectly clean, according to the client's requirements!

Ла Фамилия - Работилничка за чистота
New provider

The technique that we are using is tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

The deep cleaning includes:
Double-sided cleaning of windows, window frames and sills
Kitchen cleaning - Cabinets (outside), countertops, oven and extractor degreasing, microwave cleaning inside and outside, refrigerator and dishwasher cleaning (outside)
Cleaning of sanitary units - floors and walls
Dust removal from all the furniture, lighting, door frames, switches and sockets, removal of webs
Garbage disposal and aromatization (on customer request)
Cleaning of soft and hard flooring with a vacuum cleaner and mop.

The cleanliness and coziness of your home for us is not just a job, it is a mission that we follow with pleasure!

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