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After Renovation Cleaning in Svetovrachene

Remove all traces of repair works, get in condition suitable for moving in.

What is included in the service?

The cleaning is done by a team of between two and five people with professional equipment and detergents. It includes:

  • Dust removal;
  • Washing of windows and window frames (double sided);
  • Detailed cleaning of sprays from paint, latex, adhesives, cement;
  • Keeping track of fine dust and dirty spots at the most inaccessible places in the room (above doors, window frames, behind siphon pipes, behind toilet seats, under furniture, etc.);
  • Floor cleaning with the appropriate technology depending on the floor type and type of pollution;
  • Thorough disinfection;

Generally, after this service, the property will be in perfect condition to be used.

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What is the price?

The price depends on the size of the property. Different providers work at different rates because they use a different number of people per team and work with different detergents and machines.

Why book through Domestina?

Domestina gathered the best cleaning companies offering after renovation cleaning in Svetovrachene. You can compare all prices in one place, the competitive environment guarantees that you'll get the best possible offer. Don't forget to fill in the feedback form after the visit, it disciplines the providers and allows you to help others like you in the future.

Cleaning companies offering after renovation cleaning in Svetovrachene

Топ Клийн
rating 9.9 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Lozen (selo), Bistritsa, German, Dolni Bogrov, Kazichene, Kostinbrod, Krivina, Svetovrachene

We use the Karcher steamer, the Rio water extractor and the Karcher vacuum cleaner.

The after renovation cleaning includes:

  • 1. Dust rempval from all the walls and floors.
  • 2.Cleaning of window and frames with detergent.
  • 3. Cleaning the sanitary premises with suitable detergents and / or steam cleaner.
  • 4.De-dusting all furniture, doors, sockets, switches, lighting, cooking stoves (outside and inside) and all other appliances.
  • 5. Crushing and upholstey cleaning of all furniture and carpets.
  • 6.De-dusting  and cleaning the floor using a vacuum cleaner, exhauster, steam cleaner and detergents.

The object will be left clean, fresh, with a pleasant aroma.

rating 9.9 / 10
Cities served: Bankya, Sofia, Lozen (selo), Kostinbrod, Bistritsa, German, Dolni Bogrov, Kazichene, Krivina, Svetovrachene

Professional cleaning machines and cleaning products from Mecca Cleaning - Italy

Аfter renovation cleaning includes:

1. Complete dust removal of walls, ceilings, lighting, switches, sockets, doors, frames, locks, radiators
2. Vacuuming of hard and soft flooring
3. Machine and hand washing of floor coverings
4. Cleaning Profiles and Windows - Double-sided
5. Remove stickers, adhesives, latex, paints
6. Complete cleaning and disinfection of Bath / WC, walls, floor, joints, bathtub / shower, sanitary, washbasin, bidet, mirrors, screen

Each client can expect a Outstanding and completely hygieniated home delivered to the owner with a Work Log.

Вивиди ЕООД
rating 9.9 / 10
Cities served: Bankya, Kostinbrod, Svetovrachene, Sofia

We rely on Кarcher machines for cleaning

Cleaning includes:

Cleaning of all vertical and horizontal surfaces
Window Wash
Contamination of all furniture
Floor cleaning
Disinfection of bathrooms and toilets and cleaning of joints

After the visit, the home is spotless.

Kings of Clean
rating 9.6 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Bankya, Bistritsa, German, Dolni Bogrov, Elin Pelin, Ihtiman, Kazichene, Krivina, Lozen (selo), Novi iskar, Pernik, Svetovrachene

We at Kings of Klin work with professional equipment and specialized detergents from leading importers and proven manufacturers in Bulgaria. Teams are formed depending on the area that is going to be cleaned up. The number of employees varies from two to ten people.

The service includes removing traces of latex, paint and fine dust. Including the following activities:

  • Double-sided washing of windows and de-dusting of joinery
  • Cleaning skirtings
  • Exterior cleaning of furniture, equipment, contacts, keys
  • Door cleaning
  • Cleaning, sanitation and disinfection of sanitary and hygienic premises (bathroom and toilet)
  • Outdoor cleaning of kitchen, kitchen furniture and equipment
  • Machine cleaning of hard flooring and joints
  • Flavoring and washing flooring (manually or mechanically, depending on the type of flooring)
  • Cleaning of lighting fixtures

We, from Kings of Clean, are trying to make every object shining with purity!

rating 9.9 / 10
Cities served: Bankya, Kazichene, Kostinbrod, Svetovrachene, Sofia

We work with professional Karcher machines and detergents imported from England. Cleaning and disinfection to shine.

rating 9.7 / 10
Cities served: Sofia, Plovdiv, Bankya, Bistritsa, German, Dolni Bogrov, Elin Pelin, Kazichene, Kostinbrod, Krivina, Lozen (selo), Novi iskar, Pernik, Svetovrachene

For the after renovation cleaning, we use professional Karcher vacuum cleaners, glass and Moerman window cleaners, HD and Icefloor cleaners.

Cleaning includes:
  • removal of patches, paint sprays, silicones and more.
  • dusting and washing floor coverings
  • cleaning of windows and windows
  • basic cleaning of the bathroom, kitchen living room and bedrooms
  • dusting furniture, doors, switches, sockets, cleaning radiators.

After cleaning, the home remains tidy and perfect!