After renovation cleaning in Sofia

After renovation cleaning is a high intensity cleaning for surfaces which are usually stained with construction materials, paints or fine dust. It takes special equipment and a team of 2 to 4 professionals to get the job done. Don’t try to do this type of cleaning by yourself, it’s very easy to damage the surfaces or seal the stains and make them impossible to clean later.

You can book after renovation cleaning, online, through Domestina. Select a company from the list below or just make an order and compare offers from all providers by price and user rating.

Go Cleaning

Each cleaning is done by a team of 4 people. Upon entering the site, the team initially performed washing and cleaning of the windows, bathrooms, cleaning and dusting furniture, doors, lamps, pictures, contacts, radiators and others. Complete cleaning of kitchen and corridors. Then clean the floor with machines. Disc machine "Numatic International" is used in combination with the required detergent and water in the presence of highly contaminated flooring after repair or heavily worn ones. Then use the Nevada Vacuum Cleaner to collect dirt and water. At the end the floor is polished with a microfibre mop and a suitable detergent for your flooring.

Кристално Чисто

After renovation cleaning includes: dust removal from walls, machine removal of fine dust, furniture cleaning(upholstery cleaning not included), window washing, windows' frames cleaning(no alpine method), cleaning and disinfection of toilets and bathrooms, cleaning all floor surfaces.

Бонанза - Бачорски

Cleaning windows; Cleaning window frames and blinds(double sided); Cleaning window ledges; Cleaning furniture and household appliances; Cleaning wardrobes doors and door cases; Removing spider webs; Wet cleaning of all types of floors; Cleaning lamps; Cleaning railings; Machine washing of carpets and upholstery; Deep cleaning of toilets, bathrooms and dressing rooms;


Briliantino uses a water-dust-vacuum Nevada, from IPC Soteco as well as professional cleaning detergents Kiter, I.C.E FOR. if the area is larger f necessary, a single-disk machine is used. The main task of the after renovation cleaning is removal of paint residues, latex, construction dust and others. Cleaning includes dust removal from furniture and other hard surfaces. Cleaning doors, frames, switches, sockets, lighting fixtures and more. Double-sided washing of windows and window frames(without alpine method). Completely cleaned in bathrooms and toilets. Cleaning of floor coverings. The apartment is ready for living. Note: The price includes waste disposal up to 2-3 bags that can be lifted by a single person.

Tornado Clean

Tornado Clean relies on professional vacuum cleaners and water extractors RIO, FANTOM, NUMATIC. Professionals use detergents and tools for professional use to remove stains , dry paint and glue from window frames and glass.The cleaning of this part of the interior ends with washing the profiles, glasses and handles with anti-static detergent. The WCs are dust-free and subsequently washed and disinfected. If during the repair work the soft flooring in the apartment was affected, it is also cleaned with detergents and machines. The team that will clean is selected very carefully and we are convinced that these are the perfect people who will make your home or office enchantingly clean and 100% shining!

Свежест ЕМ

We work with Karcher vacuum cleaners, Taski single-disc machines and Lavor dust/water extractors. The cleaning includes: dust removal; window and window frame cleaning; detailed cleaning of paint splatter, latex, adhesives, cement; cleaning of fine dust and points in the most inaccessible places in the room (over doors, window frames, behind siphon pipes, behind toilets, furniture, etc.); floor cleaning with the necessary technology, depending on the surface and the pollution; complete disinfection. We use only KITER and DIVERSEY products, which are proven to be the best in the business. After cleaning, the apartment is ready for people to move in.


We use machines from the proven German company Karcher. The detergents we clean are from the German manufacturer Voigt. They are specially designed to remove any dirt after repair. The special thing about them is that they are biodegradable and completely sparing the surfaces. They are harmless for you and your family. The working process involves cleaning paint and latex sprays, removing stickers from joinery, dusting out all premises, furniture and appliances. Work begins with cleaning and washing windows and window frames. There is a floor-to-floor cleaning that includes vacuuming walls, washing luminaires, switches and sockets, removing all furniture, removing dust and cleaning black and white equipment. We perform a complete external cleaning of the kitchen (kitchen) and complete cleaning and disinfection of the toilet and bathroom (walls, floor, joints, shower, bathtub, monoblock, sinks and bidets). Upon completion of the work process, the site is fully ready for occupancy. The detergents are harmless, which allows instant application in the home without the risk of harmful fumes as a result of cleaning.

Elit Clean

After renovation cleaning is done as follows: 1) Cleaning the place from the accumulated dust during the repair with a professional vacuum cleaner. 2) Removing industrial dust from walls, suspended ceilings, furniture. 3) Cleaning the keys, contacts and more. 4) Cleaning glasses and profiles with special tools and professional preparations such as manual cleaning. 5) Door cleaning. 6) Cleaning the furniture (if available, kitchen, wardrobes, tables, bedrooms, etc.) 7) Cleaning of sanitary premises. 8) Cleaning flooring with a rotor machine for professional cleaning or manual washing depending on the degree of contamination. After our visit you will be able to enjoy the time when you put your clothes in the wardrobe, the cups in the kitchen cabinets without the need for additional cleaning. Your home will be clean and you will have an ideal hygienic environment for you and your loved ones.

Xtreme Cleaning

We use Nevada water-jet two-wheeled machine, extractor machine for carpet and upholstery Rio, single-disc cleaner for solid flooring and carpet cleaning Numatic. The cleaning includes: 1) Manual cleaning of windows and window frames with professional detergents and tools; 2) Hand cleaning of dust from furniture, lighting fixtures, electrical sockets and switches; 3) Manual cleaning of kitchen countertops, tiles and electrical appliances; 4) Mechanical washing of upholstered furniture with the Rio machine; 5) Cleaning of sanitary premises (bathroom and toilet); 6) Carpet cleaning with the Numatic machine; 7) Machine washing and cleaning of joints and hard flooring with Numatic and Nevada machines; The site will be delivered in excellent condition.


The main cleaning tasks after repair are the complete dust removal from the apartment and the removal of paint traces and other renovation related activities. We work with Rainbow machines which guarantee the removal of the finest dust and thorough cleaning of the area with special detergents , which are good for you and your family, but at the same time they manage to cope with the most stubborn dirt. The cleaning includes washing windows and window frames(no alpine means), dusting everything in the home (floors, walls, ceilings, furnishings), cleaning the lockers outside and inside, complete bathroom cleaning, lighting fixtures, switches and sockets; tapping the upholstery and washing it. After our cleaning the home is ready to live and safe for you and your family.

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