Housemaid - butler

We will find for you the best person to help with the housework, selected according to your needs and requirements
You determine the working hours
Housemaids with the ability to work full time or part time.
You determine the requirements
We'll make a selection according to your requirements for experience, age, spoken languages, special skills and everything else that is important to you.
You determine the salary
Salary is paid directly to the housemaid, without the intervention of Domestina
How can your housekeeper - Butler help you?
Main responsibilities
Cleaning, tidying, ironing and similar activities, providing coziness and comfort for you and your loved ones
Additional responsibilities
Babysitting, cooking, shopping, the opportunity to accompany you on a trip and more
How does the selection work?
Fast and efficient process
within 30 days we will offer you three candidates who meet your requirements
Psychological tests
each candidate will take integrity tests. We will provide you with detailed information, recommendations and a video interview of each suitable candidate
Two months warranty
if you change your initial choice or the housemaid leaves, we start the whole selection again - completely free of charge
Contact us
business days between 9:00 and 18:00