Cleaning is easy

Housemaid - butler

Professional selection according to your needs

We will select, check and train the best housemaid for you .

What is it?
A service with which you can find a full-time or part-time housemaid.
What do you get?
Personalized selection and training of the applicant according to your needs and requirements.
What is up to you?
Pay*, work schedule and responsibilities.
*The earnings are paid directly to the contractor without the mediation of Domestina.

What are the possible duties of the Housemaid - Butler?

Basic Responsibilities :
Cleaning, tidying, ironing and related activities ensuring comfort and convenience for you and your loved ones.
Extra Activities :
Babysitting, Cooking, Shopping. the opportunity to accompany you while traveling and others.

What we offer

  • Quick and Effective Process - within 30 days, we will offer three people who will meet your requirements;
  • Psychological Tests - each candidate will undergo integrity tests. We will provide detailed information, along with recommendations and a video interview of each suitable candidate;
  • Two Months Guarantee - If you change your original choice or the housemaid leaves, we start the whole selection again - completely free of charge;
  • Training and regular supervisor visits - The housemaid you choose will go through professional training. During the work process, the maid will be visited and professionally supported by a Domestina Supervisor;
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