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Safety First

, in the building you live in, will be disinfected free of charge as part of any cleaning booking for which you select a contractor with a badge

Safety First is a Domestina initiative for the prevention of the spread of viruses and is an additional measure to the recommendations of the competent authorities.


Wiping all horizontal surfaces and treating with disinfectant

What is included in the service?

  • Preparation of all horizontal surfaces for disinfection - dry and wet cleaning;
  • Disinfectant application on all floor coverings and solid horizontal surfaces;
  • Disinfection of common areas (door handles, lighting switches, cabinet doors, railings and other risk areas);
  • Suitable for private homes, offices and residential buildings' common areas
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What is the price?

The price for the service will become visible after entering the area of the property. You can compare companies' bids by price and rating, with each company describing what disinfectant they use.

When you should book?

It is advisable to use this service in the following cases:

How to select a cleaning company?

You have the option to sort all companies by "Recommended Choice," "Price," "Rating," or "Availability", depending on your top priority. You can always trust that the company with the "Recommended Choice" badge, which is selected by the platform based on a variety of criteria to best suite your order.

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