Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Blagoevgrad

Sofas, armchairs, carpets, stools, mattresses and chairs can all be washed as part of the carpet and upholstery service. Domestina requires all companies which offer this service to use special machines, which operate with water and detergent. During the washing, the machine sprays water mixed with detergent and sucks it back. After the washing is complete, it takes between 4 and 5 hours for all surfaces to dry out. It’s recommended to do carpet and upholstery cleaning at least two times a year.

You can book upholstery & carpet cleaning, online, through Domestina. Select a company from the list below or just make an order and compare offers from all providers by price and user rating.

Кедрон 7

Washing is done with professional extraction machines. Upholstery remain relatively dry and are ready for use after about 4-5 hours. We use professional detergents that are color and tissue-friendly. All chemicals have the necessary permits and certificates of use, greatly reduce the amount of mites and are extremely beneficial to people with allergies. Washing a three-seater sofa takes about 1 hour, with larger volumes and limited time, washing can be done by several people with several machines.

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