Car upholstery cleaning in Plovdiv

Car upholstery cleaning includes the washing of the seats, the floor and the trunk of the car. Domestina requires all companies which offer the service to use a special machine which, along with the washing, also dries up the interior. We want to make sure that you’ll be able to use your car again as soon as possible after the washing is complete.

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rating 8.7 / 10

We don't call our staff cleaners, gardeners, mechanics, etc. The men and women at OMC have a special DNA. They love their jobs and are proud, that they can relieve you of your duties regarding the cleaning of your home or office. They are kind, understanding, loyal and exceptionally precise. They are the caregivers.


rating 10 / 10

The upholstery in the cars is squeezed with the Rainbow electric thimble that removes the mites and the dust that is stuck in the seats up to 40 cm in depth. Then the interior is washed with an extractor, again with the Rainbow machine.

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