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Cities served: Plovdiv, Sofia, Asenovgrad

YES Comfort

In our work, we at YES COMFORT have a primary duty to provide both the comfort and security and peace of mind of our customers. That is why we approach with full confidentiality regarding the company specifics and the working environment of our partners. Because YES COMFORT is more than pure.

Services from YES Comfort

End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning
Yes Comfort uses professional machines from Karcher, Numatic, Nilfisk, Hako, Lavor. The products we handle are professional and certified to meet all European environmental and safety standards produced by Ecolab.
  • We at YES Comfort will take care of everything:dust removal of furniture;
  • cleaning windows to brilliance / double-sided;
  • cleaning floor and joints;
  • Cleaning luminaires (without disassembly and installation);
  • Cleaning of air conditioners - dust removal and washing of the filter;
  • Radiator cleaning;
  • Cleaning of sections, keys, contacts, locks, doors, showcases, libraries, racks;
  • Vacuuming of soft surfaces (carpets, bedding, sofas, chairs);
  • Manual or machine cleaning of floor coverings;
  • Cleaning and degreasing the kitchen, which includes:
    • Cleaning the sink; - Refrigerator cleaning (external / internal);
    • Oven cleaning (external / internal);
    • Cleaning of hotplates;
    • Cleaning of other kitchen appliances (outdoor);
    • Cleaning cabinets (external / internal) and kitchen countertop;
  • Cleaning, polishing and disinfection of the bathroom includes:
    • Disinfection and cleaning of a bathtub (shower cubicle), toilet and sink;
    • Cleaning of mirrors;
    • Cleaning the walls and floor in your bathroom;
  • Cleaning terraces and porches;
  • Refreshing with a professional flavor.

We will be pleased to contribute to the coziness and perfect cleanliness in your home. We respect your dynamic daily life and the energy you put into your professional duties and responsibilities. We will take care of your home professionally - we will clean it and refresh, we will take care of the relaxed home atmosphere after a busy day.
Trust us when it comes to cleanliness.
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
YES comfort trusts and uses the German Kärcher and Haco machines - powerful professional vacuum cleaners, extractors and steam cleaners. The cleaning is based on the extraction method - spraying of the cleaning solution and suction, which also removes the most stubborn dirt. As a result, the pavements acquire an updated look and pleasant scent. After sucking, the tissues remain semi-dry. Ecolab - a leader in the production of environmentally friendly, safe, professional cleaners. YES Comfort always comes with care and attention to its customers. After cleaning with the extractor, the upholstery and soft flooring remain almost dry. It takes between 3 and 10 hours depending on the room temperature to dry completely. When washing carpets, there is no danger of the pavement below them.
After Renovation Cleaning
Cleaning after repair is a high-intensity cleaning of heavily contaminated areas, usually with building materials, paints and fine dust. Includes detailed and careful cleaning of floor, walls, bathroom, toilet, terraces, office furniture, lighting fixtures and office equipment. Double-sided cleaning and washing of window frames and windows. We use machines from the proven German company Karcher. The products we handle are professional and certified to meet all European environmental and safety standards. Manufacturer Ecolab. They are specially designed to remove any dirt after repair. They are harmless for you and your family. The object is made ready for habitation. We at Yes Comfort will make sure everything around you is more than pure.
Window Cleaning
The service includes double-sided washing of windows and window frames. Glass cleaners - a window mop and a wiper - are used to wash the windows. The detergents and cleaning tools are provided by the contractor. Washing of the windows is without an alpine method and the washing of the blinds is only for internal, horizontal ones.

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