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Cities served: Botevgrad, Sofia, Vratsa, Etropole, Mezdra, Pravets, Lozen (selo)

Ведро Стил ЕООД

Services from Ведро Стил ЕООД

End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning

We are the different cleaning company. For us it is important quality and healthy cleaning!
 We use the best technique on the market - the ultimate Rainbow model cleaning system, because it simply guarantees not only quality but also a healthy environment after cleaning.
To remove stubborn dirt on hard floors we use Kercher machines. Qualitatively proven professional detergents for the respective surfaces and certified Tupperware cleaning towels are used.
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
Washing of the hollow gown, sofa, carpet or mattress is done with the Rainbow cleaning system - because it is the most effective way of dust removal for us.

  • Originally, the soft furniture is dust-dried and dust-free with Rainbow.
  • After that, an aromatic preparation is sprayed onto the soft furniture.
  • The detergent is left for 2-3 minutes to work.
  • Next is a vacuum extraction with a direct rinse, which is done with a Rainbow Extractor.
  • This ensures the perfect wash of the hollow gown, carpet or sofa.
  • Technological time for drying up the soft furniture and carpets is from 2 to 4 hours depending on the temperature in the room.

Window Cleaning

See the world through our eyes! We are the different cleaning company. For us in important quality and healthy cleaning!

Window cleaning is done with quality detergents and certified Tupperware cleaning towels.

The entire joinery is cleaned inside and outside. Let us provide the shine of your windows with the help of our precise collaborators.
The only requirement for you is to have free access to the windows.

The company offers high-level cleaning under agreed additional conditions
Cleaning for businesses
We support business cleaning

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