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Cities served: Bankya, Pernik, Sofia, Lozen (selo), Bistritsa, German


Quikcline Ltd. is a young and fast-growing company. For our 3 years we are recognized by nearly 3000 households and offices in Sofia and Pernik.

Services from КУИККЛИЙН

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
We use Extractor TMB - professional washing machine for textile surfaces (upholstered furniture, carpets, carpets). The machine injects a detergent and, between 5-7 cm deep, takes out dirt, mites and other dirt. If stains are present, we treat with detergent and wait for it to work, then rinse and extract.
The drying period is usually between 6 and 8 hours (depending on the temperature in the room).
The danger of flooring is only when the base of the carpet is thin. In such cases, we advise the customer and help him / her to be exported to a suitable place for dry drying.
End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning
We use vacuum cleaners and a two-disk machine to remove stubborn dirt on hard floors. Detergents for the respective surfaces of the KITTER range are used.
The cleaning includes:
  • Washing of windows, window frames and sills, and interior blinds.
  • Cleaning dust from furniture.
  • Washing and degreasing the kitchen (cabinets, oven, hob, fridge).
    In the case that the cabinets are without furniture, they will be restored inside.
  • Washing of a sanitary room (shower, bathtub, bidet, toilet, sink, batteries, radiators, etc.).
  • Full dusting of solid surfaces and subsequent washing.
After Renovation Cleaning
 We use a two-disk machine for hard surfaces, an Extractor and a water-jet (if necessary).
The cleaning includes:
  • Extraction of accumulated dust with a vacuum cleaner, washing of windows, window frames and sills.
  • Cleans existing latex stains on walls in sanitary facilities.
  • Wiping and treatment with detergents against building dust on furniture.
  • Hand wash of flooring, treatment with anti-aging agent at least 2 times.

At the end of the visit the site is cleaned, with the condition that it will be necessary to subsequently wash the floor hard floors twice, in order to remove the blemishes.
Car Upholstery Cleaning
. A professional TMB extractor machine is used. The product you use is harmless. The machine is injected with water, then the dirt is drawn with water and detergent. After washing, the moisture remains around 20%. In order to do the service it is necessary to access the electricity network up to 30 m, given that the service is done at the address of the client.

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