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Here you will find information about the best cleaning companies offering housemaid jobs in Plovdiv. You can learn more about what the job is about, what are the requirements and the payment levels. Once you decide if you want to pursue this career, it's very easy to apply online right here.
What is the job?

You choose how many hours and which days of the week to work. You can choose between 4 or 8 hours a day and the visits are from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 17:30. You can visit up to two customers a day and in the beginning they will be different every day, with the time you will have subscribers and each week you'll visit he same customers.

You will stay at the client's place for 4 hours. During the working hours you will be doing housework - cleaning, ironing, hanging laundry, changing linen etc.(no cooking).

The addresses which you'll visit are in your predetermined Zone, which can include one or couple of close by smaller neighborhood. Before you start working, you'll be trained by an experienced maid and will get hints how to more easily find the clients' addresses.

What we offer and what are the requirements?

What we offer?

Fixed working hours 8 or 4 hours per day
You choose how many hours and in which days to work
Social securities
Company phone
Among the highest salaries in the sector
Professional training
Career growth opportunities

What are the requirements?

High school education
Good self-organization and communication skills
Excellent work ethics
What is the salary and opportunities to grow?

Many different companies provide cleaning services through the Domestina platform. Select the city for which you're applying and you'll see a list of all companies which operate in the area. You can apply to one company or to all of them.

Domestina gives you freedom and fair payment. The flexibility of the platform makes our offer suitable as a full time job as well as an extra income opportunity. The hourly rate guarantees to each maid payment based on the worked hours. The hourly rate depend on the city and the concrete operator company. There are 5 rate levels, which increase with time and your experience and skill level.

1st month
Level I
This is your trial in the Domestina platform. It includes your training period and your first real visits in customers' homes. This will be the time, when you'll build up as a real professional and you'll get your first regular customers.
After the 1st month
Level II
After successfully finishing you trial period during the first month, you get your first raise at domestina and your regular customers continue to grow.
After 3 months
Level III
Based on your performance at this time your schedule should be filled entirely by regular customers, which you visit couple of times a week, base on their preferences.
After 1 year
Level IV
With building yourself as a true professional and a preferred maid in our platform, your income will continue to grow.
After 2 years
Level V
2 years in the platform gives you higher hourly rate and the relationship build with your regular customers gives you satisfaction and stress free work experience.
Companies hiring in Plovdiv
Level I
(1st month)
7,50 lv./hour
Level II
(After the 1st month)
8,00 lv./hour
Level III
(After 3 months)
8,50 lv./hour
Level IV
(After 1 year)
9,00 lv./hour
Level V
(After 2 years)
9,50 lv./hour

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